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04-08-2011, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by NecroBones View Post
Just a question to all the folks here. How long does it seem to take for your missions to get the required "X" number of ratings to go fully public? There seems to be a flood of missions in the review tab.

Of my two missions, one was released 5 days ago, and the other 2 days ago, and they each only have been rated once (this with sharing the mission info in several threads here, and posting to StarbaseUGC). And now that I've revised them after those ratings, I'm assuming they no longer count toward getting out into the public pool.

Just curious. I'm actually a bit surprised. I thought people would be eating up new missions. But I'm guessing the way the sorting works in the mission search also tends to stack the odds against new missions, since any highly reviewed missions that have been revised will stack to the top of the review-tab search. I'm guessing the ratio of authors:reviewers is fairly high.

For those who'd like to take a look at my missions (and help me get out of reviewer hell), here they are:

The first one is a fairly simple mission. I realize this. It was my "I'm learning the Foundry" mission, but it still plays cleanly:

"Of Minds and Men"
Start: Wolf 359, Sirius Sector Block
Faction: Starfleet, level 41+
FoundryID: Holodeck, ST-HBF3QVJTL
(A Stafleet vessel has gone missing near Wolf 359, under mysterious circumstances. You will need to board the ship and find out what happened)

The second one is entirely story driven, but still has plenty of combat:

"Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts"
Start: Vulcan System, Sirius Sector Block
Faction: Starfleet, level 16+
FoundryID: Holodeck, ST-HODKC3CNY
(Your mission is to aid a science experiment in a distant star system. But of course, things don't go as planned. Is it a conspiracy?)
To tell you the truth, I'm having trouble getting people not to play my missions, as there still drafts and transferring from tribble. I'm looking forward to your missions, have heard great things about them. Word of mouth seems to be more important to Advertising at the moment. Either get your fleet involved or even make a Great Trailer.