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Hi , this is my first attempt at playing Start Trek Online on a Dual Screen Touch tablet pc , I continue to find it amazing how the STO engine manages to scale to all forms of hardware , currently I play on a 1 screen tablet powered by an Atom , A dual screen libretto and now a Dual Screen Windows 7 Acer Iconia , as well as my gaming desktop across 2 screens , one day I am going to stop testing the game and start playing for real but for now the needs of the many.....

here is the direct link to my first Youtube video of dual screen touch tablet Star Trek Online

you can find out more on my blog here

and for those worried about the size of buttons , the entire HUD can be resized from the in game options , and you do not have to play entirely with touch , just use an external keyboard , and you get the benefit of multiscreen gaming , you can throw maps , and character data up into the top display , plus your ship is shown in the bottom display so less dual screen bezel issues ! This is more fun for me than playing it at 5120 by 1600 on my desktop!

This thread is not intended to advertise anything , just to show how Trek Online scales on all sorts of hardware and can be played with multi touch , plus I just love the way that planets look massive spread across 2 vertical screens : here check it out and and

combat video using touch screen controls on 2 screens to follow..