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04-08-2011, 10:50 AM
Sorry I don't have a better answer than "it depends".

My first mission it got out quickly only because my fleet mates jumped on it and got 5 in relatively short time.

The second one, which I think is an improvement, and where I am DYING to know if I pulled a trick off people will like, is stuck with 2 reviews for.... a week? Maybe 4 days. I think having a fleet willing to take their time to look at your material helps. Which makes me very appreciative of the people here on this particular section of the forums who are volunteering to review material.

I am tempted to see if a Foundry based fleet is a good idea to put in place.

I would say, hang in there, try the advert here and perhaps in Starbase UGC, and sooner or later it'll get that 5 review to move it out of reviewer status.