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Originally Posted by XR-377 View Post
This still counts as a new-b question I guess so instead of a new post, I'll just keep it here.

I made my mission after a 5 month break from the game and when I formatted the text, looking back, I did it a bit different then the standard STO missions. Mainly I used mission text for a lot of highlighting of key words and objectives and used OOC for the normal after dialog "Hey, do this" cliff-notes. In the experience of you folks with more time in the foundry, do you find that kind of format distracting and think things should be as much like the Cryptic missions as possible? Or is the highlighting of key words a welcome tool for reading the text?

Also, I got tired of seeing the "Continue" button in dialog everywhere. Although I left the captain dialog vague, do you find you or players prefer the simple continues in conversation and think the 'voice' of more personalized responses is a nuisance? Or do you like that stuff so long as it isn't appearing to direct your captain's mode of speech or action?
Using highlight and OOC is fine and actually does a good job of doing things like emphasis or focusing on making sure the player knows the objectives. You're not necessarily bound by what Cryptic uses these for. There may be contention there, true, in what people expect that formatting to be however. You can probably mitigate it by just being consistent with your missions. Players would assume then what your formatting is typically used for within the context of your mission.

The 'Continue' button I leave as is when my captain doesn't really have anything to say or I want to break up the dialogue to more than 1 frame/window. But usually I try to make any kind of captain like comment and make it as neutral as possible (words like 'agreed', 'understood', 'initiate' etc.). I think the more personalized response over the continue is preferable, but I have tripped over some players in my mission who have mentioned my "voice" in those buttons don't fit their captain's vision/persona. So there is a risk there.

Mixing it in perhaps is your best approach.