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04-08-2011, 11:03 AM
Another thing about your Comiisions Bridge Officers are that you will gain 2 new Commision Slots every time you gain a new rank all the way up to Rear/Admiral Lower Half. That means ultimately, you'll have 10 possible Commiissioned Officers. You'll be able to have specialize BOffs for certain circumstances. For example, I have a set of Bridge Officers I use when I'm going to be fight Borg on the ground or in Space. Another example, if you that you may not ordintally take Polarize Hull as a normal BOff ability. But you'll may want Polarize Hull when you go up again the Breen in space. They LOVE to use Tractor Beams.

Ultimately you my have a special set of Officers you use for your Away Teams, and the rest are used solely in space, or a mixture of both. It's one of the nice things about STO, you can buld your crew the way you want to .