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04-08-2011, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The team continues to release Klingon improvements with every major update, and Season 4 will be no different. KDF costume customization options, new Gorn, new KDF tutorial, Start as a KDF with your first toon, KDF Duty Officer Assignments, releveleved KDF PVE content, opening up more KDF sectors - its all in the works.

As I've said in numerous interviews - don't take me at my word - just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that.
Thing is the track record is that you have stated things on numerous occasions and never usually go into play. The 200 vet "klingon side' you said was to grow, now that was at 200 days, no new piece as of yet....

You continue to poor more fed based cstore items into the cstore but no new toys for our kdf... so again, where is this kdf love you speak of???? Because I dont see it. I mean go take a quick peek in the cstore and show me all the nice toys we get compared to feds over and over getting new clothing, ships, bridge packs ect...

Starting kdf as a new player, great, that has nothing to do with us people who have been here since the get go. KDF duty officer assignments.. again nothing spectacular there. You get to send invisible npcs to an invisible mission to possibly gaining a reward. New updated missions we get to play... over again.. thats not new content, thats content being updated. And what will that do for us.. play for half an hour and then back to square one. More KDF sectors, awsome, should of been done ages ago, but is there something to do in these new sectors other then flying through them.....? KDF costume customizations, are we soley talking about the gorn update and thats it or is there more clothing coming our way for our klingons?

Just giving you constructive feedback stahl because honestly... Iam not to impressed, sorry.

To me this is what we really need...
- new missions throughout the kdf leveling span (NEW ONES)
- new ships, customization options for all ships. New skin tones, body pieces ect
- more clothing, alot more...
- diplomatic section or what have you for the kdf

*these are just a handfull ideas that would improve kdf as a whole. We need more attention and again, more toys