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Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
As I've said in numerous interviews - don't take me at my word - just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that.
Alright Mr. Stahl, since you insist.

1) The Klingon TOS uniform isn't. It's just one shirt, the one the men wore. The rest of the outfit doesn't exist and the women's outfit also doesn't exist.

2) The Vet reward that you said was going to "grow and expand" hasn't.

3) Where's the Great Coat? In fact, where's anything? We get nothing while Starfleet gets a new outfit every two weeks like clockwork.

4) Two of the 8 whole missions that we have, the Pi Canis sorties, are bugged.

5) The Featured Episodes aren't "Klingon Content", they're Starfleet content with the serial numbers filed off.
In 'The Vault' it makes no sense for us to use a shuttle instead of a Bird of Prey.
In 'The Colosseum' when we beam out of the satellite we see Starfleet transporter effects instead of KDF.
In 'Spin the Wheel' the Starfleet and KDF text options when talking to the bartender have obviously been reversed.
6) The KDF Cloaking Device is still bugged. When Starfleet players point out a small graphical error (like the lack of the mini-nacelles on the MVAM Escort) it gets fixed within days, but the Cloaking Device is a major game-play item. It's supposedly the reason that the KDF ships have less hit points that their Starfleet counterparts, and yet it's just allowed to remain broken while you guys work on adding more Starfleet hairstyles.

7) Starfleet has Tribbles, KDF gets nothing and we're told to like it!

8) Starfleet has a shiny new Delta Flyer, KDF gets nothing and our threads get locked when we even try to discuss it.

9) What happened to that "something different instead" of diplomatic content that the KDF was supposed to get?

10) Remember, I'm not Trolling, I'm responding to your specific statement regarding your record.

And guys, when I get banned for this post, which is almost certain to happen, then you'll know just exactly where Dstahl stands on improvements to the KDF.