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# 27 How i see it
04-08-2011, 03:17 PM
As I've said in numerous interviews - don't take me at my word - just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that.

Yes, you have said this. The game is better, in my mind, than what i remember it from closed beta.

--KDF have 4 BO species vs the fed's7, 8, 20
--KDF 8 ships to the feds 13 and they are getting 3, possibly, 4 more
--KDF have 3 ships with a "special ship power" and the Feds have 6 so far, not counting the new additions
--KDF has fewer BO layouts due to this
--KDF has the least ship skins vs the Feds (saw Logan say there are some on the way....yet how many and how much is yet TBD)
--KDF has the least uniform customizations (you discussed these as being added, but how many and how much TBD)
--Pi Canis missions are a nice addition and needed, but left a big gap still for leveling. especially, since PvP is so weak for leveling, but PvP issues are another story.
--KDF missing the missions for the Borg that Feds get
--Fleet actions so gimped or ridiculous there is no team to do the with. at least i know on my Fed toon i can do the KSF or the Gorn minefield.
--Missions in other sectors (nice to know we may have 1 or more in season 4....but over the past year, yah)
--Cloak gimped. Aye, this is a recent issue, but since it is the core defense/offense of the KDF....seems like a low priority for a TOTAL fix.

The game has come a ways, but still has a ways to go and season 4 is going to be big factor in how the games direction and games needs mesh.