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04-08-2011, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The team continues to release Klingon improvements with every major update, and Season 4 will be no different. KDF costume customization options, new Gorn, new KDF tutorial, Start as a KDF with your first toon, KDF Duty Officer Assignments, releveleved KDF PVE content, opening up more KDF sectors - its all in the works.

As I've said in numerous interviews - don't take me at my word - just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that.
i read this hours ago and have been trying to find the time to respond ever since.
Track Record? Ok.
Graph-wise, if you count on a monthly basis all KDF only stuff (customization, features) compared to FED only stuff.....your track record definetly speaks for itself.
My question: Why would you even draw attention to something so poor, by comparison?

People are saying that the KDF is impatient? Seeing the feds being told "They will get this in March, April, and May" but the KDF isn't told that. They aren't getting anything. KDF version of the MVAC? New KDF Uniforms? KDF 200 day reward?
WHAT TRACK RECORD. I am sorry, maybe i am judging your statement by a different set of standards but it seems extremely poor by comparison.