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# 874 Canon Alien Uniforms
04-08-2011, 07:55 PM
And here they are. As usual I did all I could with the color selections we have available. Also, while doing the Bajoran guides I remembered someone asking about Vulcan uniforms and I realized that these could be used to do a pretty good mock-up of the ones which also appeared in DS9, so I added those as well. Hope you all like them.

Bajoran Uniforms
Note: I left out the Medical yellow and brown variant, since it only appeared in the first season and was likely replaced because it could be too easily mistaken for the Security uniform. That's the problem I ran into during my lighting tests.


Dress Blues

Bajoran Robes

Vedek Robe - Gold
Vedek Robe - Orange
Vedek Robe - Orange with Hood
Vedek Robe - Gray
Vedek Robe - Green
Vadek Robe - Red with Hood

25th Century Bajoran Uniforms
Note: These are mock-ups of what the Bajoran uniforms might look like now that Bajor is a full Federation member world and considering the Captain's prerogative rule on uniform choices. Here I am assuming that Bajorans would use standard Federation divisional colors, but keep their design aesthetic.

Command 1
Command 2
Operations 1
Operations 2
Sciences 1
Sciences 2

Bajoran Stealth Uniform

Vulcan Uniforms (Mock-up)