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Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Bajoran Uniforms
Note: I left out the Medical yellow and brown variant, since it only appeared in the first season and was likely replaced because it could be too easily mistaken for the Security uniform. That's the problem I ran into during my lighting tests.

Operations 1
Operations 2
You've got the colors right. But one of the operation uniforms was worn by officers who clearly did not belong into operations, but were line/field officers. (We clearly do not know, if the Bajoran militia has a similiar color code as Starfleet or a completely different one.
BTW the dres uniform is missing. It would be a mock-up, but the standard uniform is clore enough for this. Kira's uniform can also be recreated by using T'Pol's top.

Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Vulcan Uniforms (Mock-up)

Somehow I cannot see any resemblance to the Vulcan uniforms from ENT.

Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
... I got to thinking about it, and I have a question... Are these supposed to be "DS9" era uniform (ie from 2369-2375) or do you think they are supposed to be "current" 2409 era uniforms?
These are the uniforms seen in DS9. Currently there should not be any Bajoran milita, because Bajor is (?) a member of the Federation and the Bajoran militia thus became part of Starfleet.