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04-09-2011, 07:31 AM
Well, I hate how half the time I try to place something on certain maps and I can never find out where is actually is. Example: I was making a map utilizing the Starbase 24 interior, and any time I tried to place an NPC in the hallway or in the room with the Starfleet logo on the floor, when I went to test out the map, I couldn't find those NPCs anywhere. I double and triple checked to make sure they were made visible "immediately" but still they wouldn't show up. And then if I took that NPC and moved them into a different room, they would suddenly be there. I don't know if for some reason they were getting placed on the "roof" of the map, or where they were endingup.

Also, I don't see why Cryptic can't just make it so that you can place items while "testing" out the map, so that I can get a complete 3D range of motion for if I want to place lights on the roof, or have the ability to fine tune exactly where I place an object.

And as for the maps, I wish there was a layered map so that you could view the floor plans for individual floors. For instance on Qo'noS where there is an upper lever that overhangs the lower level, I don't believe it is possible to place a character on the lower level, or place a character under a ramp, etc.

The idea of allowing characters to place items while in the "test" view would also solve that problem, as I could manually explore the upper or lower levels and place things whereI want.

I also would like to see the abilities to "beam out" NPCs when you interact with them (give them the same visible----> invisible option as objects). In addition, I wish I could delete actors individually from mobs, so that if I wanted a boss fight with only the main antagonist of the story, I could have him fight alone without being supported by other NPCs.

The last big thing that I've realized that I have wanted (so far) is the ability for a hostile NPC to transition into a NPC contact.

Example: I could specify that when in combat with enemy X - when his HP falls below 20% then he becomes an NPC contact so that I can have scenarios where a character surrenders during a fight, etc.

I've tried to work around this by having an actor in an NPC group to have the particular costume I want, and then when that group dies, I have an NPC contact in the same costume appear (triggered by the group's death). But that still leaves the awkward issue of having the NPC contact standing there, with the enemy of the same costume (supposed to be the same character) layiing dead a short distance away.