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04-09-2011, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by BarbarossaRotbart
You've got the colors right. But one of the operation uniforms was worn by officers who clearly did not belong into operations, but were line/field officers. (We clearly do not know, if the Bajoran militia has a similiar color code as Starfleet or a completely different one.
BTW the dres uniform is missing. It would be a mock-up, but the standard uniform is clore enough for this. Kira's uniform can also be recreated by using T'Pol's top.

Somehow I cannot see any resemblance to the Vulcan uniforms from ENT.

These are the uniforms seen in DS9. Currently there should not be any Bajoran milita, because Bajor is (?) a member of the Federation and the Bajoran militia thus became part of Starfleet.
I doubt that they are ENT-era vulcan uniforms, as they have the AGT combadge on them. Unless I missed something when watching ENT, no one in SF had combadges back them.

Wow someone just likes being a tool.