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Originally Posted by Palmera
In Star Trek lore, the Position/rank of Captain was always given to command the ship. in the TOS Motion pictures, every time Kirk took command of the vessel is had to temporal demote himself to Captain.

so im going to agree with Sophia. they should be some way they can create it that the levels are there with a rank system that fallows ST lore.

and again, ill repeat my self, cause clearly you didnt want to read the later post on Commodores, and went right into bashing me as if its your past time cause you have alot of bad days thinking your in the military or something. i said, Starfleet DID have Commodores at one point in time cause i recalled a episode in TOS. the term/position/rank was never used after that. Wiki can be faned based and if i wanted to right now edit everything you just did to suit my own desires. thus your in a hard case right now with the names of Commodores seeings as none of them served in movies, let alone seen.

as for Commandants. thanking your for re-typing everything i just said. other than the fact that you think i called them commanding officers, just cause someone is a ranking officer of a academy doesnt make them the commanding officer.

and if you were really military there mate, you would know that just about any rank could be a commanding rank. Lieutenants is where it starts in most cases, and end with major's who really are just a ranking officer of the company, and rarely seen as the commanding officer as our nations will never deploy a officer of that rank into the battlefield in terms with our own RoE. i will say this, not all Officer may be allowed to have command. any officer referred to as a "regarded Officer" may not have command as they are assigned to the formation-ed group for special reasons, eg-they a field Art spotter. everyone in the army a spotter spots, and has to follow the command of the ordering officer, and thus cant cant command any form of unit cause he would be commanding himself.

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I never made a claim that I was in the military... what I did point out is that Commandant is NOT a rank and nor is Commanding Officer, both are "postions" or "posts" or "appointments"...

whilst wiki maybe easy to subvert... for the existance of Commadore...

and an example of Rank and Position as quoted by the MoD... ...

good luck