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04-09-2011, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by dreamingbadger View Post
I never made a claim that I was in the military... what I did point out is that Commandant is NOT a rank and nor is Commanding Officer, both are "postions" or "posts" or "appointments"...

whilst wiki maybe easy to subvert... for the existance of Commadore...

and an example of Rank and Position as quoted by the MoD... ...

good luck
and all of which is written in all of those sites is saying what im saying mate. either your not understanding what im writing, or you just what to say your right, and that im nothing more than a idiot.

so what im going to say to resolve this is, that we are going to agree on disgreeing with one another based on misinformed infomation.

and the reason why i brought up the you being in the military comment, is cause your coming across as a know-it-all to someone who is forced to know who to salute in the mornings.