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Originally Posted by AdSin15 View Post
Traditionally the rank of Commodore is granted to the leader of a task force or squadron who is of equal rank to other officers within the group in order to establish chain of command.

So if you have a squadron of 12 ships where the commanding officers consist of 3 Captains, 4 Commanders and 5 Lt. Commanders you would give one Captain the temporary rank of Commodore to denote the fact that his orders supersede those of the other captains.
you are very correct, once apon a time that did acur, there is something some wheres written in the Chain of Command Doctrine that says this is still practiced today in the event that a battle group needed to be formed at a given time other than port side.

the army does it, naturally they not called commodores thou, and we still call them by given rank, they only just become a NCO/CO to fit the role of command, even thou he/she may not be in actual command, its just to ensure the ranks dont fall apart. if that makes sense.