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04-09-2011, 02:35 PM
We're a group of mature (30+) and friendly players with real lives who share a interest in classic Trek. If you watched TOS afterschool as a kid, prized your model Connie, had a plastic phaser pistol, or just enjoy the original, join in for a little fantasy and a lot of fun and friendship.

We're interested in all facets of the game. We've got plans for The Foundry. And we're developing a fleet backstory together and sharing character bios. We are retrofitted to fight in the 25th century but we need you and your enthusiasm and creativity to help us out.

To read some of the developing backstory of our fleet, see:

To check out the new (adding more every day) website, see:

And remember, if you happen to pass through the barrier at the edge of the galaxy and your friend's eyes start to glow, it's probably best to kill him while you can.