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Basically an NPC or object to interact with, that moves the player/player party/whole away team/ship based on dialog choices somewhere in the mission, be it on the current map or any previous or upcoming map in the same Foundry mission. Also when moving between ground and space or space and ground you wouldn't appear as a ship on the ground or as a character in space, but that part is of course obvious.

Is this doable or not doable with an NPC or object? And if it's not doable then can anybody explain how to accomplish this some other way? I'm talking about being able to go loop back to story that you've been to, especially returning to previous maps that you've moved from already.

I'm trying to make a mission where wrong choices cause deja vu or especially good choices cause skipping of some nasty stuff, and I can't figure out how to do this. Starting to think it's undoable right now. We can only make Dialog arrows do that and not Story arrows. Unless it's not done with the Story at all but you actually can bypass objectives?