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Hi Guys.

I have a new mission KCM - The Thief that I need to be tested.

The Thief

Travel to Memory Alpha and talk to Physical Sciences Researcher
A rare and valuable alien artefact has been stolen from an Earth Museum.
It is rumoured that the thief was Gorad a Ferengi trader. He escaped in a stolen transport ship destination unknown.
However a well-known Ferengi dealer is the best place to start.
The thief left some evidence behind that unfortunately does not lead to his identity, but does link him the Breen.
This artefact has great promise for study, so it is imperative that this artefact is found as soon as possible.
Please start the search right away.
The artefact is a Large Blue Pulsating Crystal thought to hold a vast database of an ancient lost civilisation.

* locate the Ferengi trader *

* find the artefact *

Level 35+

********* Please send all comments to Sparrk@kirkalus to I can edit as required. *********

KCM-The Thief [ST-HB86WUT9R]