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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
You my Friend, are a Wonder of Wonders.
Unfortunately I have little ideas of my own when it comes to vessel design and usually just brain storm with others. Though I have been thinking of a "Blade of Kahless" class vessel that would fit into the Battle Cruiser class or possibly a Raptor refit.
Many months ago, when there were only the K't'inga and it's rather unattractive refit and no D7 skin, I assumed the D7 would become either a T1 or T2 ship.
So my idea back then was a different K't'inga skin.
It was based in a line from the "Starship Spotter" that the K't'inga was no longer in production by the time of the Dominion War, but in service.
My thought was that the K't'inga would leave a gap in the KDF ship roster since there would be no "light cruiser" to replace it.
Of course we have the Raptors but in their case it's more like they are heavy destroyers and not so much light cruisers.
So my idea was that the 3rd K't'inga skin could be a new design, a more modern ship that took over for lost K't'ingas and that the Klingons would step up prodiction of this new ship in times of war.
It's essentially to the K't'inga what the Excalibur is to the Constitution, a new prodiction vessel that has similar in-combat stats but would probably be somewhat different out of combat.
As a newer ship it would probably be more maintenance-friendly and have a more efficient propulsion system, longer operational range etc.
However those details would not be reflected in-game so it would be identical to the K't'inga as far as STO is concerned.

It's clearly a ship of the late 24th century as far as aestetics are concerned and would be a bit larger than the K'tinga but I think it should be clearly visible that it's an heir to the K't'inga even though it has some characteristics of the Vor'cha.
It does have the familiar K't'inga-stle monstrous three-deck torpedo launchers fore and aft but it has the forward one where the Vor'cha would have its main disruptor cannon.
This was my attempt to show the new ship is a blend of two completely different generations of ships.

Maybe this is at least remotely like what you're looking for.