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# 1 The KDF Needs Lethean Love
04-10-2011, 07:26 AM
So, one species that still needs a lot of attention (I know...along with them all) are the Letheans. What do you picture them being like? How would their ships perform or look? What do we really know about them?

Well...we know they're telepathic, mercenaries for hire and very sneaky. To me this points to a style that would use heavy offensive science abilities along with cloak.

Lethean Outfits (sadly I can't find much...but they seem to dress similar to Klingons)

Altovar 1 2

Soto 1 2

Lethean Ships
(Since there are none, post your ideas of how they would look and what they would do)

I picture them being small, sleek, dark, pointed (like a Tholian ship but with wings) and small forward pointed spikes.

T5 Lethean Violator (Science)
Hull: 27,000
Turn: 14
Inertia: 50
Crew: 150
Weapon: 4/2 (can mount dual cannons)
Device Slots: 2
Cm: Sci
LtCm: Sci
LtCm: Tac
Lt: Eng
Eng: 2
Sci: 4
Tac: 3
Special 1: Comes with a Lethean BOff. The BOff has MES3 for LtCm. and an ability at Cm. called Telepathic Attack. (Telepathic Attack causes a 3 sec delay to all abilities for 10 sec. For example if you RSP, it takes 3 sec to engage. 1 min cooldown)
Special 2: Photonic Mirror (This will make two photonic copies of your ship. Just like Photonic Fleet, they will fire at targets but will cause minimal damage. Can be destroyed like any other photonic ship. Investing skills in Photonic Theory will increase hull and defense of photonics. Lasts 30 sec with a 3 min cooldown. Activation of this ability creates a similar effect of Scramble Sensors for 5 sec. Requires a console.)

Special 2:
Scramble Sensor Pulse (like Scramble Sensors but emanates from the ship. Last for 15 seconds but will pulse every 5 seconds. Each pulse reset targets. 1:30 cooldown. Scramble Sensors and Sensor Pulse use same global cooldown. Science Team has chance to counter. Equal to Scramble Sensors 3.)