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04-10-2011, 03:28 PM
I'm thinking it might be a little strong there, though its stats are an interesting blend. science hull, BoP weapons, Raptor manoeuvrability and a tac bent science seating roster. Might be a bit strong though.

If you wanted to keep the Boff seating in line with the Fed refits (the only ones that have alternate LtCom Boff slots) it would have to be: Com Sci - LtCom Tac - Lt Sci - Lt Engi - Ens Sci. swapping out a single ensign skill for a LtCom skill doesn't really match up in worth.

There is nothing to suggest the Leathians ever had cloak so its probably safer to leave them without it per say. This also sticks with the trend of only Klingon designed ships having cloak. However I do agree on the whole sneaky bit, maybe the ship could have an enhanced MES, basically a cloak in all but name and looks, even give it a name like 'Silent Running' maybe to distinguish it from MES.

Not sure about photonic mirror, to start with I don't think cryptic tech allows for the ships to look the same, just look at the MVAM, the borg and aegis parts don't follow the AI so its easy to tell which one has the player in it. So without the mirrors doing damage there would be practically no point to them. I like the concept, I just don't think cryptic are able to pull it off with their current tech.

I cringe at the telepathic attack idea just as much as the first time I saw it. It sounds like a good idea, different yet still similar to other science powers we have, kinda like sub nuke yet easier to deal with. the reason I cringe is becuase I doubt it would get a warm reception in PvP and the fed centric players would complain until it was nerfed into the ground and completely useless. Also don't know if cryptic tech can do it, a simpler yet just as unlikely to be liked option might be to have it do what the borg boarding teams do and set your abilities on random 3 second cooldowns.

I also assume that being science based it would have sensor analysis and target subsystems innately? I'm also guessing 3 device slots?
Personally I'd say that given its manoeuvrability, cut the target subsystems and give the ability to mount cannons. leave the sensor analysis (since the Leathians seem like the kind to do their homework a bit before rushing into a fight) and give them only two device slots.

Console slots is the last thing I'll raise. 2,3,4 with the number of specials you have on it (even if one is a console itself, personally I'd just cut the photonic mirror from the lineup) the stealth ability could be taken care of by only having two device slots, its how klingon cruisers get their cloak after all. but traditionally all special abilities strip a console slot, the only exception so far is the MVAM being a console itself. However I don't see the psychic attack as a console, its more crew than technology based. although I suppose it could be explained to work similar to the Romulan drone pilot from enterprise, a device integrated into the vessel that amplifies and transmits the telepathic signal... or something like that.

I'm quite in favour of a Leathian ship based on science, I actually made my KDF science officer a Leathian by using the same logic.

Oh also included in this 'Leathian love' should be the ability to have Leathian Boffs as currently none exist.