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# 1 =/\= The Nagus List =/\=
04-10-2011, 05:50 PM
IDK about you, but I am absolutely loving the Foundry!

However, like any UGC system it can sometimes be hard to find the really great missions among all the testing and experimentation going on. So to both recognize these authors whose missions I have enjoyed as well as provide a quick reference for anyone looking for a great mission, I have made a list of missions that I would highly recommend trying:

Federation missions:
  • "A Battle Lost" by cheapcard1
  • "Abduction" by Rpell
  • "Afterlight" by Steel-Hyena
  • "A Time for Birth" by Samsa1979
  • "Bishop's Crook" by Pi-3Orionis
  • "Black Boxes" by Patarival
  • "Brains Before Bounty" by Dixonium
  • "Bulldog Days" by Darren_Kitlor
  • "Carnosaur Sanctum" by Gugeyewalker
  • "Conjoined" by DenizenVI
  • "Cowboy Diplomacy" by K.Kaitan
  • "Dark Ice" By Captain_Revo
  • "The Darkshadow Deception Part 1" by Irish_Darkshadow
  • "Deadly Intentions" series by Sovereign77x
  • "Death By A Thousand Papercuts" by Necrobones
  • "Defector" by Spiderman8512
  • "Dissent" series by Drogyn1701
  • "Drawing Proof" by Darren_Kitlor
  • "First Cause, Then Effect" by RogueEnterprise
  • "From the Stars...Life" by Magellan_Lin
  • "Fungus Among Us" by Borticus
  • "The Feint" by Mike39x
  • "The Gemini Effect" by Gryphoner
  • "The Infinitesimal Frontier" by Dixonium
  • "Helna of Troy" by Kirkfat
  • "Hijacked" by Pendra80
  • "Legacy of a Martyr" by DLRevan
  • "The Longing" by RachelGarrett
  • "A Lost Reflection" by Rfrance74
  • "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" by Captain_Revo
  • "Not Always a Good Day" by Coltrain
  • "Of Minds and Men" by Necrobones
  • "Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things" by Aurangzeb
  • "Plato's Grandchildren" by Raptorwalker
  • "Plato's Requiem" by Raptorwalker.
  • "Profit At Any Cost" by Dassem_Ultor
  • "A Relic's Return" by Armsman
  • "Rema Donna" by Havraha
  • "Resting Raptors" by Terral
  • "Retribution" part 1 by Rejak
  • "Rise of Darkness" Parts 1 & 2 by jake81nx
  • "Shadow War - Mist in the Night" by MrCC3000
  • "Slavers and Seductions" by Kirkfat
  • "Space Quest" by DangerOne
  • "Spawn of Medusa" by Duke-of-Rock
  • "Spawn of Medusa II" by Duke-of-Rock
  • "Spectre of the Past" by DenizenVI
  • "The Spirits of Ramok Nor" by Alimac30
  • "State Secrets" by Darren_Kitlor
  • "The Syndicate Extraction" by Galactrix
  • "Tipping Point" by Altexist
  • "To Helna And Back" by Havraha
  • "Too Far Array" by MJRigg
  • "Torchbearers" by Deus114
  • "Unholy Alliances" by Soriedem
  • "Uplift" by Walshicus
  • "When The War Began" by Chooch99
  • "The Worst of All Worlds" by Captain_Revo

Klingon missions:
  • "Counter-strike" by Jorgee_Mcoth
  • "Crouching Ty'gokor Hidden Demon" by Captain_Revo
  • "Damocles' Mirror" by DangerOne
  • "Far From Home" by Fulvius
  • "The Hunt" by Carnagefiend
  • "Prison Break" by Zonerie
  • "Qapla'" by Zonerie
  • "Red Omens" by Starstruck
  • "Rise of the Dark Hand" by Midge1990
  • "Sins of the Son" by Netherblood
  • "Space Conquest" by DangerOne
  • "Time the Enemy" by Havraha
  • "To Mock A Killing Bird" by Dewey001
  • "Tribblesome Times" by SoKErroneous
  • "Victory Is Life" by Unit757
  • "Vulture Wheel" by Darren_Kitlor

Please note that this list is a work in progress. There are a number of missions I have played before I started this list that I simply do not remember at the moment, or played on Tribble that are not yet on holodeck. When I am able to remember a mission that I have previously played or it moves to Holodeck I'll be sure to add it to the list. I'll also be updating the list on a regular basis with new missions that I play throughout the week.

Thanks to all of the people who are spending their time creating content for others to enjoy, and if you have a mission you would recommend please feel free to share