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04-10-2011, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by QorDaq View Post
I have had this issue on multiple ocassions, always in the Khazan Cluster.

- Enter system.
- Approach planet (or base)
- Beam in
- Suddenly it's a patrol and NOT a dip mission. No DXP for completing, because killing squads is the mission.

Thanks for explaining this. I have reported this bug a couple times, but no actual response.
One of my priorities was levelling up an ALT in the FDC, since I didn't actually recieve a Diplo mission, I don't get DXP, and I feel somewhat cheated.

Things like that happen in Star Trek, yes but usually it means something else happened that changed the original mission (Like being abducted for gladitorial combat or Romulan experiments)
Things like that doesn't normally happen when you are say, about to translate D'arsay graves.