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04-11-2011, 01:37 AM
Exclamation marks (!), at least in my opinion, dont signify a sense of 'excitement' in particular to me. It indicates a statement made with forcefulness, which could be due to excitement, or something else. For example, when you want to portray a character raising their voice, you'd use (!).

So i dont have a problem with Vulcans having (!) in their dialogue, its the emotional context of the text that comes before (!) that matters.

Of course, its ingrained in us to see emotion in any sentence ending in (!).

I could type "Captain, we are under attack!", and intend it to be an 'alert' shouted out to the player, but some people might see it as that boff is getting overly excited.

In this case id still use (!) and leave it up to the player's discretion how to view it. Just avoid using the 'obvious' emotionally-laden text. Like the word 'fascinating'. Its a neutral word if you end with a full-stop, but if you put (!) after that word, its definitely 'emotional'.