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04-11-2011, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by Walshicus
Well, it should be courteous to allow for a common eventuality. At least put a note in the mission grant text letting people know it's not suitable for Vulcan Captains or BOFFs etc.
There's nowhere near enough space in the description to allow lists like that. Even putting Vulcans aside for the moment, you're inevitably going to run into situations where something will make sense for almost every species, with one exception. For example, my most recent mission involves beaming down to a snowy moon during a blizzard. EVERY species in STO with the exception of Andorians should complain about the low temperatures, but because the player might have an Andorian BO (Indeed, I had one in testing) I can't really comment on the cold at all.

You can end up with even stranger things as well. In one mission I played, the story had the species I was supposed to meet giving recommendations on how to improve crew efficiency. My Andorian Tactical BO responds with alarm that she might be replaced... by an Andorian tactical BO. Pure coincidence, of course, but it's enough to distract me and take me out of the story for a moment, and sometimes that's all it takes.

Don't even get started on player-created alien species. They may have an entire concept of that race's behavior and environment planned out, and the kind of person who would do that much planning is likely to be extremely put off by dialog that insinuates something about their custom race.

On the subject of "!", I wouldn't worry about it too much. Plenty of Cryptic missions use them and that hasn't seen much complaining, and an exclamation point is often times used to express surprise, which even Vulcans can experience (Spock's "Jim!" in Amok Time, for instance.) No need to fret about something that small.