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Ok first off could we get a better search ? I think its bugged or let us use wild cards i.e. * <part of name>*

But the real reason for this.

How would people feel if there was a reward for making the best mission each week?

Lets say each Friday the guys at Cryptic pick a mission that has come from the Foundry and makes it a spot light mission (shows at the top of the list of foundry missions).
The creator of that mission gets 1 free month of play added to their account or if they are life time then they get some atari tokens (lets say 1200).

This will get people making some great missions, gives players a chance to find some really cool missions to do and show that the guys at Cryptic take time to look at what people are doing and get some new ideas on how to make STO better or some good stories that can be looked into.

Ideas ?