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Originally Posted by Yreodred

To be honest i never understood the need to have a escort Class type ships in STO at all, i mean there was only one canon ship class classified as escort, the defiant type. (Which was just a lame try by the producers of DS9 to show how awesome creative they saw themselves )
Thats so true.... although I like the Defaint basicly.... she was a little to much the "USS Mary Sue".
However, I thing we needet some "fighter class"(in diffenrention to "tanking" or "haling" classes) in the game and escorts do the job....

Originally Posted by Yreodred

This guy disqualifies himself by saying his design is meant as a gunship/battlecruiser/aircraft carrier, it sounds more like the perfect fanboy ship, but not like a serious attempt to design a Starfleet ship.
I think that the producers of "ST: 8" and various DS9 episodes recognized this and made it a medium cruiser which makes much more sense IMHO.

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Completly agree here; for all we have seen the Akira was just a random-other-ship. It could be a since ship like the Intrepit or the starship version of an towing-vehicle for all we know from canon. "gunship/battlecruiser/aircraft carier"... is there ANYTHING wannabe-badass left out? Beside the fact that the Akira is simply to SMALL to be any kind of "aircraft carrier". And that "all-warship" idea doesnt fit into the federation. Also die Akira was definitly build BEFORE the dominion war and the development of the call has probably even begun before the first contact with the Dominion. So why should they start building warships out of nowhere? (And the Borg where not the reason, THATS what the Defaint was for, and as far as I know the Defaint project was even canceled before Sikso did dig it up again...)

Still, whats qualifies the designer anyway is the fact that he actually designed many very good star-trek ships, his fanboy-like background-meanings do not change that.
Also, we actually NEED diffrent ship-types in an MMO and the Akira makes a good picture as heavier "escort"-warship.

Originally Posted by .dlp.Mercenary
The Federation has never really been truly at war I think that required the use for a fast turn around and heavy firepower. The Cruisers have their beam arrays in order to protect themselves against whatever threats they may encounter. They were to explore not destroy whatever was in front of them. Science ships are self explanatory(SCIENCE!)

But now? Now its like the Federation is being surrounded on all sides by enemies. Klingons, Breen, Remans, Romulans, Borg, Undine. They need a ship that can get in there and blow stuff up.
The federation was threatened. They were at war with the Klingons before Kithomer (or the Organia accords), and a long time before and after still at the edge of war. They were almost always at the edge of war with the romulans, the tholians, probably the Gorn.... the list goes for ever, it includes every second alien-of-the-week-species that was introduced as "great dangerous empire", and I'm almost sure they were at war with the Cardassians sometimes between TOS and TNG, considering Maxwells and O'briens attitude.
Still they didnt feel the need to bring up a large scaled war-fleet at costs of the scientific missions. So... that much didnt change.