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# 1 Delta Dailies?
04-11-2011, 01:42 PM
Okay, for the moment, I have two thoughts.

1) REALLY BORING... Going out to scan anomalies is super-boring, repetitive and doesn't honestly teach you much (debatably, you get good at the mini-game of matching waveforms *shrug*). Pretty much this amounts to "leave ESD, turn right, go to Delta Volanis, fly around for half an hour or find a 'more efficient method' (see Q2, below)."

So, can we maybe spruce up the Delta Dailies a little? Maybe make them more specific? "Scan anomalies in Khazan Cluster," etc?

Also, can we have other mission types? Maybe something specialty, like fighting several waves of low-end fighters? Fighting ANYthing in a shuttle is rather challenging at the best of times.

If we're gathering info on shuttles and learning to use shuttles to craft the Delta Flyers, why not have a variety of missions?

That said, and with fighting in a shuttle being a pain, DSEs would be problematical. You'd get wiped out pretty quickly in an extended fight with a couple big ships. So, perhaps we could make a different class of DSEs that are shuttle specific? Perhaps more fighter-oriented, or a PVP shuttlecraft-style DSE? So, rather than DSEs dropping you into a fleet of NPCs, it instead drops you into battle with a bunch of other shuttle-craft pilot players. Perhaps there could be free-for alls, or Fed vs. KDF PvPs or shuttles vs. fleets low-end "fighters" PVPs, etc.

I think it would be pretty cool if there were shuttle-specific DSEs and missions. I'd certainly hate to get dropped into a regular DSE with a shuttle...

2) Is it cheating...? To complete the delta daily by going to Delta Volanis, entering a system with a space mission and anomalies by the spawn point, scanning them, hopping out, hopping back in with the "continue mission" button, scanning anomalies, hopping out, rinsing, repeating until the daily is done (usually 4 iterations with a level having 3 anomalies near the "door")? Or is it just "being resourceful"? It's let me complete things pretty quickly each day...

Anyway, just wondering folks' thoughts, generally?

Should anomalies only be collectible only once when "playing"/"continuing" the same instance of a mission? That is to say, should anomalies be un-farmable? You'd have to complete the mission and restart the entire thing before the anomalies respawn? I know that would probably take a little more recoding on how missions are "continued" and what "persists" from one session to the next if you don't finish it... Not that I want to make things uber-restrictive. I can just see a certain abusiveness possible with the way things are currently set up. Hopping out and back into missions just to farm data samples... Especially on the higher-end missions with higher-end data samples. Now, not all missions have data samples right by the door, so maybe it's not COMPLETELY abusive as you'd maybe have to go looking for just the right one... But, once you find one...?