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04-11-2011, 04:22 PM
As a developer of a Star Trek MMO, i would have broken up the rule of Healer, Tank and Damage dealer and adapt it more to Star Trek.
I would have given the Federation mainly Science Ships, light Cruisers and heavy Cruisers, and the Defiant as a retrofit.
The Klingon Empire would have gotten light Escorts, heavy Escorts and Cruisers, and maybe one science ship class as balance for the Federation one Escort class.
Here's just a rough draft how i would have arranged Starships in STO.
(sorry for my lack of knowledge about klingon ships)

  • Science ships:
    Virtually the same type of ships as we have them right now, but slightly more Hull and Shield points.
    Nebula, More shield and Hull Hitpoint than the other Science Ships
    Intrepid, Enhanced Science Powers
    Luna Class, More Firepower than the other Science Ships

  • Light Cruisers:
    Comparable to the Cruisers we have now in the game but higher Maneuverability (like the Intrepid we have in the Game right now), and slightly less Hull and shields (but higher Shield Regeneration). Firepower like a Star Cruiser we have in STO.
    Basicly more maneuverable and quick ships for more action oriented style of play.
    Excelsior, Slightly more science abilities than the other Light Cruisers.
    Prometheus, MVAM Mode for more DPS in exchange for Survivability
    Akira Class, More Hull and Shiels Points than the other Light Cruisers.

  • Heavy Cruisers:
    Higher Hull and Shield Hitpoints than the Cruisers we have in the Game, firepower like the T5 Excelsior has, but Maneuverability like the Galaxy has in STO right now.
    Basicly slow but heavy and hard hitting ships, more fitting for a tactical/strategical minded style of play.
    Galaxy, More shield and Hull Hitpoint than the other heavy Cruisers
    Star Cruiser, Slightly more science abilities than the other heavy Cruisers.
    Assault Cruiser, More Firepower than the other heavy Cruisers.

The Klingon Empire:
  • Light Escorts:
    These light but fast ships have low firepower and low hull and shield points, but their advantage lies not in dominating the battlefield alone. They come in Packs of 4-5 (at General level), which means that you get additional pet ships.
    Bird of prey, with every 2-3 ranks you do ascent, you get one pet ship more.

  • Heavy Escorts:
    These more sturdier ships have more hull and shield points as well as slightly more firepower than a small pack of birds of prey, but still one of those ships couldn't stand toe on toe with a negh'var Battleship, so you get one additional pet ship at captain rank.
    D7, Raptor

  • Cruisers: These ships are the heaviest ships the Klingon Empire has to offer, they are nearly as sturdy than Federation Heavy Cruisers but they have slightly more firepower.
    Vor'cha: slightly less hull points, but more maneuverable
    Negh Va: More Hull points, but less maneuverable.
In General i would enhance the survivability of all ships about 200%, reduce some too exaggerated effects like like Tractor beam repulsors for example, all with the goal in mind to make battles more strategic and less Dog fight style.

Ok what do you guys think about that, is it complete nonsense, or something to start working with?

Live long and prosper.