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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
I could have lived with that, but the "light cruisers" and the regular ones are a bit to similar.... I mean the fun IS that the classes should be as diffrent as possible. Also STO broke, at last a little bit, the "tank/healer/damagedealer" rule, since for example cruisers and science SHARE the healer-job.

But as a developer I would have made MANY things diffrent. The 200 % survivability is a good Idea in my opinion; as I said several times: I dont want to shoot Warbirds like Tie-fighters. Instead of all those "klill 5 groups" missions I'd rather see "fight ONE" ship and that should be a real fight that takes it 10 minutes...
I wanted to get rid of Federation escort classes, because i think that Starfleet should consist mostly of cruiser and science class ships.
Maybe the light and heavy cruiser classes should get some special abilities to distinguish them more form each other.
Light cruisers could get maybe Emergency Power to Engines as ability and Heavy Cruisers could get Something like Transfer shield strenght. (just an idea.)

I also wanted to make the factions ships more unique and less interchangeable.
So i thought that light cruisers would be a good alternative to those dogfighting ships, because i still think that the introduction of the Defiant Class was a big mistake from the producers of DS9 and thus should stay one time experiment by starfleet.

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
For the Klingon ships... well for the first, I dont believe that Klingons call their ships "escort". I mean even there Federation called the Defaint "officially" Escort to avoid, for PR reason, the term "Warship". Sikso made that very clear in the search. But, on the other hand, thats just a word.
Also, the d7 would be a cruiser too, I guess.... but there "could" be a "mirror" ship in each faction that basicly WORKS like the other factions ship. So since the Defaint would most likley work similar to the klingon escorts, the D7 could work like the fed light cruisers.

Also, the Raptor is missplaced.... I mean I dont get why they gave him that "escort" category.... the only seen canon raptor was much smaler then a Bird of Prey of that and later times.
Also there are larger scaled bird of preys...
As i said, my knowledge about klingon ship classes is very limited.

But you are right, they wouln't call their ships "escort" i just wanted to be shure that everybody understands what i am talking about.
Ok, then lets Call the "light escorts" "light Warships" and "heavy Escorts" "warships" and "cruisers" "heavy Warships"

So do you think that raptors should be "light warships" and birds of prey "warships"?
And yes, the D7 should be a heavy warship, maybe it could get something like emergency power to weapons as a ability, or so.

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