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# 1 Could use some Foundry Tips
04-11-2011, 05:52 PM
Hey guys, running into some tricky stuff with my first real storyline mission and hoping some experts could give me a hand.

1) Doors at Drozana:

Could someone please tell me how to select the doors at Drozana station for the start of a Foundry mission? So far the only interactive things on the map I can select are bottles and crates, but not the doors.

2) In-map Transitions:

On one of my maps, I'm using a turbolift to transtion between two points on a ground map and I'm stumped in how to pull it off.

3) Night of the Comet:

I doubt this one is possible with the Foundry, but I would like to use the same trick from the Night of the Comet / Devidian mission, where you disguise the player's ship as a D-7. This would really add to the time period my storyline mission is to take place (no it isn't time travel).