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04-11-2011, 07:25 PM
I think you may be onto something shifting those abilities to a Boff, that way if you want those abilities you have to sacrifice higher level science skills rather then 'nerfing' the ship for having three abilities.

I'm still not really convinced on the photonic mirror though. However I did have an idea based on the 5 sec scramble part of it.
Why not make that the ability in itself, a 5 km burst of scramble sensors around the Violator, kind of like an ECM. So for examples sake, same duration as scramble sensors and the same effect but emitting from the ship instead of the probe that is fired with scramble sensors. Maybe with a secondary effect of disabling HY plasma/tricobalt torpedoes and mines in the blast radius. Slap on a 2-3 minute cooldown and there's a 10 minute brainstorm that would fit on a console.

Aside from the ship since the Devs want kdf to have separate uniforms available to its races rather than crossing them like starfleet do, a half decent facsimile of those images you posted could be made just by re-texturing the standard kdf uniform, maybe add a new shoulder pad option for the one in the image with Quark. Not a perfect option but one that would save some time and still get something 'new' out.

It's somewhat of a shame that some stories is all we might be able to look forward to in the way of Leathians for the near future, some uniforms could probably be slipped in under the radar but a ship built more or less entirely from scratch when so many others are already lined up...

Eh doesn't hurt to brainstorm and plant seeds at least. Besides, its fun.