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04-11-2011, 09:49 PM
I may be a little late on this thread, but I think you'd fit in really well with the Alpha Centauri Institute, and we would be honored to have you apply.

The ACI is a mature, drama-free RP Fleet. Our goal as a fleet is to act as a resource and community for our members as they develop their character(s) and their RP story over the course of time. Individuals are given a great deal of leeway in what route their character takes over the course of their career. We do not require a specific path, demand that you use specific fleet resources for specific actions (eg. if you want to be a crafter, then go for it! There's no requirement that you use a fleet quartermaster), assign pre-determined roles, insist on Teamspeak, or require attendance at many events.

We have a very active Forum for RP, all local chat is IC, and members are always on alert to provide RP assistance for PvE missions or any other in-game situation.

Within the STO universe, you will not find a more community and character oriented fleet than the ACI. Stop by our website, or chat up one of our members online (often found at Starbase 39) for more information and a feel for what we are about.