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04-11-2011, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Startruck
Hi there folks!

I was sitting around thinking about what mechanics a territory control system could add to the game, and how it might look in gameplay.

Decided why not try and create something in the foundry to talk about the potential a player driven territory control game could bring to the table.

I created a mock foundry tutorial mission, playable by any level Federation character.

The tutorial takes the player through mechanics and a mock PVP invasion of a conflict system (pvp), and a PVE daily mission in a strategic system (pve) .

It then examines some ideas for fleet starbases.

I apologize in advance for any grammar errors or quirks, please leave comments in the review so I can hunt them down and nuke them.

I'd love to have a discussion with anyone that has further ideas and concepts, I hope you have fun!

the mission is called : Territory Control Concept
I just played it. From a purely mechanical aspect it was pretty good. One minor problem with the first instance as ships were gettting stuck in the Transwarp Gate. Might want to move the gate a little further out from the spawn locations of the ships to avoid that.

As to the idea, I like it. I think you should make it clear what you expect should be PvP and what is PvE within the tutorial. Frankly, I see no reason that both sections could not support a seperate PvP and then another PvE component. In fact, based upon the comment just above mine, I think it would make the whole system much more palletable.

Good concepts thought.