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Mission Name: Currents Turned Awry
Project ID: ST-HU3VYIP77
Faction: Federation
Levels: 41+

In short, this one has a decent number of puzzles and gimmicks. It has plenty of Trek references (some dialogs have over 50 variations). Your first playthrough may take some time (and I'll guarantee there's enough easter eggs that you can go back and find new things) but it's also probably a pretty efficient way to grind Borg.

It's probably the most "fan pleasing" mission I could come up with at this point. Lots of alternate ways to do things. LOTS of Trek references. A familiar ship. Characters who might seem familiar without violating the EULA.

It's definitely an episode in the Brannon Braga "anomaly of the week" school of Trek. That said, I think there's some humor and heart underneath the references and Treknobabble.

I've playtested it to be pretty robust but some of the tricks I'm using are bound to cause issues in some weird multiplayer scenarios. (Terran altering will always cause this problem without forced "teleports" to keep all team members synched or client-side/player-based phasing so that terrain and enemies only spawn for someone at the right progression point.) That said, while I think you probably can get lost in some of the text mazes, you'll find that I have failsafes to keep you on track if you wander too far.

Let me know what you think!