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After the initial push to make cool stories, I've been seeing different versions of a type of Ship grinding mission pop up and I"m a bit curious about Cryptic's stance on the issue.

The map type in particular is mass fighter farming using the warp core breach of your exploding ship (Cruiser seems to be recommended.) You die, blow up...a ripple effect causes a massive amount of fighters clumped up nearby to die....and you then get really good amounts of loot if you're doing this on elite.

Before, the first map I saw was for VA only. Now I'm seeing it extend down to Lieutenant level and I know it can be used for quick leveling by someone that just runs through it over and over.

Sadly, after power leveling an alt of my own, I can't see how this can be anything but an exploit of the Foundry and I'm curious about if Cryptic will address it officially and how they might go about reversing the super quick exp / credits / loot that is generated by farming it over and over. :|