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04-12-2011, 02:31 AM
Though I didn't figure out how to have an enemy defect, I found out how to make it appear that way.

When you're making a space map [either custom or already created], click on NPC Groups and pick your group of enemies. Then, on the left hand side [where it says the name of the group; for example, "Federation squadron - Battleship 01" click the triangle that's facing to the right.

A drop-down menu opens and there should be six choices. Click each one and then click on "Click to select costume" and change it to something from the opposite side (for example, if you picked a group of Borg battleships, you can change them [or each individually] to Federation ships).

That'll make it look as if the Borg are on our side and the Federation are our enemies! I think this could do wonders for missions, especially those in the Mirror Universe!