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04-12-2011, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by Ace-Dreadnought View Post
commodore was also a Fleet Captain, via
did you really read the whole thing? fleet captain appears to be the rank mate. but yes traditional commodores commanded fleets, we have been thru this.

secondly, if you followed the primary lore of it all. chris pike was a starfleet captain that died on a planet in a TOS episode. on the flip side, with the universe STO runs on. Chris pike made it to Admiral, and passed on with natural causes.

making the information you have provided either a mirror universe, or because in all the episodes ive so far re-watched in the passed few days i have not yet heard "fleet captain" said.

honestly people can we get over the fact that starfleet uses admirals as rank. like yeah starfleet may still have commodores but they dont command starships or fleets anymore. they just mare honorary ranking, just like to day.