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Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Thank you all for your questions and comments. I'm glad you all appreciate the work I put into this guide.

The Vulcan guides are based on the uniforms that appear in DS9 but are naturally going to be different because they are just mock-ups. In addition to the Captain in blue (actually more of a blue-violet in the show) found on Memory Alpha, the uniforms are also based on various Vulcan extras seen wearing similar uniforms in Quark's in various episodes. While I am just guessing on the designations (except for the Captain, of course) I believe the colors are pretty accurate.

Yes, I am considering doing mock-ups of Kira's Jumpsuit and the Dress uniforms. I am also considering doing a Federation line-up based on supposition that since the Bajorans are now full Federation members they might have adapted their uniforms to Federation standard colors and designations.

No, I have not considered Skirt variants, since none are ever seen in the series. I may consider adding some theoretical Skirt mock-ups at some point.

The color locking problem is often troublesome and I report each occurrence of it I see. They tend to get them worked out pretty fast in most cases. Some continue to persist though.

Thanks again all and keep watching!

Thank YOU.