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# 1 White list for PewPew
04-12-2011, 06:59 AM
Since there are numerous players who don't want to play matches where the other team uses ability X,Y or Z, I feel that it is time to create a white list of abilities that are allowed - without any restrictions regarding the number of players using them.
I will post a complete list of all abilities in the game and you post which abilities you want removed from the list. Everything that is still on the list at the end is allowed and you promise not to cry when you get beaten 15-0 by a team using these abilities.


Aceton Field
Auxiliary Power to Battery
Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampeners
Auxiliary Power to SIF
Boarding Party
Directed Energy Modulation
Eject Warp Plasma
Emergency Power to Auxiliary
Emergency Power to Engines
Emergency Power to Shields
Emergency Power to Weapons
Engineering Team
Extend Shields
Reverse Shield Polarity


Charged Particle Burst
Energy Siphon
Feedback Pulse
Gravity Well
Hazard Emitters
Jam Sensors
Mask Energy Signature
Photonic Officer
Photonic Shock Wave
Polarize Hull
Science Team
Scramble Sensors (1 2 3)
Tachyon Beam
Tractor Beam
Tractor Beam Repulsors
Transfer Shield Strength
Tykenís Rift
Viral Matrix


Attack Pattern Beta
Attack Pattern Delta
Attack Pattern Omega
Beam: Fire at Will
Beam: Overload
Beam: Target Auxiliary
Beam: Target Engines
Beam: Target Shields
Beam: Target Weapons
Cannon: Rapid Fire
Cannon: Scatter Volley
Mine: Dispersal Alpha
Mine: Dispersal Beta
Tactical Team
Torpedo: High Yield
Torpedo: Spread