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Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
It's not uncommon in stories for there to be references, or tips of the hat, to other works of fiction. You don't get in trouble for plagiarism for using a couple sentences that are the same. That said, using anything from the 2009 movie is seriously suspect in my opinion. In particular I found those lines/the ending of the movie to be the most un-ST thing I'd ever seen.
This. The literary term for such a device is called an "allusion." Authors have been using it for thousands of years. It is also a very Star Trek thing to do... how many times have we seen our villains and heroes quoting Shakespeare or Melville? There is no issue with IP or copyright and it is not plagiarism unless you copy pages of text, use it in the same exact way as the original and pass it off as your own.

Originally Posted by TOSLover
We know we can't use characters from the shows and movies
You know, I see this said quite often around here but it's not exactly true. According to the Foundry terms of use, "you may use the names of characters (past or present) from the Star Trek Properties." What you can not do is use the actor's likeness. If you take a look at Cryptic missions, you'll notice Worf is now white or that Scotty and McCoy don't really look like the actors who portrayed them. We are allowed to do the same thing. Whether you want to is another question and, no doubt, it will not go over well with your mission's reviewers to see Spock as a red haired Vulcan with giant scars and an epic beard.