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04-12-2011, 08:13 AM
Thanks for the clarification here. I guess then what I am saying it that you have made PvP a fairly comprehensive space combat sequence and PvE ground oriented. It is just my opinion but I think that you could have the best of both worlds so that PvP get good comprehensive ground mission and space missioins AND that PvE players get good comprehensive ground and space missions. I think if you think about it and expand what you have just a little bit you still could get the best of both.

One thing that just came to me as an example. On your first zone, you denoted 4 hours as essentially "PvP time" as the instance would only then be vunerable to real player attack. Why not make another set time period vunerable to PvE attack of similar proportion but limited objectives (for the AI attackers). Also, there could be similar zones that could be captured from AI defenders by groups of real players. Perhaps they could be zones used by those more shadowy factions you mention. Anyway, just some thoughts.