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04-12-2011, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by NecroBones View Post
OK, here's another question. If you re-publish a mission with revisions, I understand it goes back into the review queue. Does it still need 5 additional ratings or is it a different number?

I haven't published revisions since my missions got past their initial 5 ratings. I'm hesitant to put them back into review-hell just to fix some typos.
I asked the guys live @ starbase ugc about this. Their consensus seems to be that it really doesn't. And while I don't have hard facts on it, I didn't see mine hit the reviewers tab again after my revisions (and I've done ~2-3 each). In other words after I republished I went in and searched for them in the authored tab and they still showed up there.

Not sure if this is intended. You may want to pose the same question in a separate thread or in the feedback/support areas to see if a dev can give a more definitive answer.