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Originally Posted by KiraYamato
You know, there's an easy way to determine which timeline we're in.

In the Prime Timeline, Romulus was destroyed in 2387.

In the JJTrek Timeline, Vulcan was destroyed over 100 years earlier by Nero.

If Vulcan is gone, you're in JJTrek. If Romulus is gone, you're in the Prime Timeline.

In STO, the Romulans are still dealing with the loss of Romulus. Therefore, STO takes place in the Prime Timeline.

You can also check this page for more confirmation of this fact.
so you never read the STO timeline than, you only linked and said; "hey your wrong im right here is a timeline"

i read it one not when i was bored at work. the 2 time lines are connected. Kirk did die in the nexus. Romulus was destroyed by nero, but was intercepted in time by the crew of the enterprise and destroyed. Pike lived out his commission as a Starfleet Admiral. after all of that the rest of the episodes and movies of Star trek lore fit in they own little way. there are even some missions where it discussed nero. infact if you did skip the starting intro movie, you would here spock telling us what has happened to him, having met nero.

i love it when im called a idiot. makes me feel great.