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04-12-2011, 01:42 PM
Remember Doc Brown's chalkboard description in Back to the Future 2? That's what we have here with the JJ Movie.

The original timeline went along to the point where Romulus was destroyed. Nero travelled back to a point in history prior to that and time diverged at that point. There are now two timelines, though they are the same up until the point where Nero diverged things. From that divergence, time proceeds along two separate, unconnected paths.

One is the "Prime" timeline, which STO is set in. In it, all the TV shows and movies (except the JJ movie) happen as we remember. Kirk was lost (and presumably still exists) in the Nexus, and Romulus was destroyed.

The other is JJ's timeline. We don't know HOW the story progresses because Nero made changes to things (and because JJ's vision is so inconsistent and irrational that there's no way to make logical guesses). In this timeline, Kirk might NOT be lost to the Nexus and Romulus might NOT be destroyed.

The point of all this is that the two timelines DO NOT interact, except at the point of divergence.