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04-12-2011, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by NecroBones View Post
I hate writer's block. I'm having it this week myself. I haven't started on my third mission yet since I'm still just tossing around ideas.

My first mission probably only took about 6 hours once I actually started on it instead of goofing off in the editor. My second one was about 15 hours. This excludes the tweaks, fixes, and additional playtesting I did after publishing. I'm only including the hours before publishing the first time.
Yea I tried to avoid that by not even starting till i had the story fleshed out in my mind for a 5 mission set. Used the recorder on my cell phone and everytime my mind hit me id just say it and save it. took about 2 weeks till i though i had a story in mind. Just now as of sunday set down and even looked at the tools and popped out the first one since it was all space that day. When i get to the ground i know its gona take a lot longer.