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04-12-2011, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by adohi
Yea I tried to avoid that by not even starting till i had the story fleshed out in my mind for a 5 mission set. Used the recorder on my cell phone and everytime my mind hit me id just say it and save it. took about 2 weeks till i though i had a story in mind. Just now as of sunday set down and even looked at the tools and popped out the first one since it was all space that day. When i get to the ground i know its gona take a lot longer.
I think what hit me the worst was I had planned out exactly what I wanted, then realized the Foundry couldn't handle it so I had to try and think of something else to do. While the story is obviously important, I'm really big on the atmosphere of the environment too and the things going on around the player. The most fun I have in the Foundry is trying to the environments match what I have in my head.