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04-12-2011, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by Naju View Post
On the Holodeck, the Admiral offered me the chance to confer with my BOs, then vanished. I had to reload, because it wouldn't allow me to advance... In addition, it was cool fighting alongside Captain Rozhenko on the bridge, but the Borg wound up killing him right in front of me during the battle, which was a little weird.

Are you planning a sequel?

*goes off to play again, to find out what happens on the other dialogue options*
Huh. That's interesting. I just couldn't resist having him actually fight, which he couldn't do as a simple mission contact. I know it creates problems when people go back to their idle animations. (Regarding Rozhenko.)

With the Admiral, I'm very confused as contacts shouldn't be able to just vanish like that. I do know AoE damage can kill them but this makes me suspect there's a bug outside my control.

Oh... And there is a way to get through the whole thing without ground combat, although for the last fight, that requires letting your "friends" do all the fighting. I'm thinking maybe the friendly NPCs there should be an option that only shows up if you read Holloway's logs before entering the holodeck.

You can get off the bridge without combat, though.

I'd like deeper puzzles but I'm a fan, overall, of careful thinking and reading comprehension being things that lower difficulty while really aggressive play will get you less text and more combat.

So you can spend five minutes on dialog boxes or you can spend five minutes fighting and either one will resolve the situation.

And while it's purely indulgent on my part, I had a lot of fun writing the astrophysicist's personal log. I'm curious how many people will see that. I thought about burying it deeper but I spent a couple of days on this mission and I know the bridge dialogs go pretty deep as it is.