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04-12-2011, 03:20 PM
In the future, I'm thinking about having puzzles that are more visual. I was very close to having some kind of option where you can gather explosives to blow up the holodeck door.

Sequels to this are hard, because the mission has two endings. I do have a thought for a remastered version where you have a secondary task in engineering, some more ship combat, and the choice between the two endings is a bit more dramatic.

I have a gimmick in mind where you're on a turbolift and you actually choose which deck to spawn on. The big problem is that turbolifts are a lousy zone in point for groups. If I had a good transporter room set that could be placed on ground maps and a transporter FX object, I might be able to use that.

You saw what I did with the holodeck? Down the road, I want to have missions where you get a choice of multiple destinations like that. So that the entire terrain of the map you wind up on changes based on the choices you make.

The initial idea I had here was to do an episode kinda like TNG's Parallels only have it so that the terrain changes, NPC uniform changes, and the enemies are all optional. Something where you get to pick what "universe" you go to. And every replay could put you in a very different version of the mission. Start subtle, with things like having the player go down a hallway and come back to find a few consoles are different or that an NPC has been replaced. (I have a trick for that but it's not terrible multiplayer friendly without some real cheats to accomplish NPC substitutions.)

At the same time I don't want to become the "alternate universe guy" because I know people get sick of that.

The basic trick you see for the holodeck is something I have more plans for, though. I think you can really mess with a player by having the terrain change around them without a loadscreen.